This couple experienced an Airbnb nightmare involving a hidden camera

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Imagine settling into a vacation at an Airbnb rental with your partner — only to learn that your host is secretly watching or even recording you. ICK. And also, probably call the cops?

That scenario is exactly what happened to an Indiana couple renting a condo through Airbnb in Longboat Key, Florida. Derek Starnes and his wife discovered two hidden cameras hidden in their rental — one in the bedroom, and one in the living room. 

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Starnes told local ABC station WFTS that he noticed a small black hole in the master bedroom's smoke detector. He took the device down and realized that the hole was actually a camera lens pointing right at the bed, and feeding video onto an SD card hidden inside. Starnes immediately called the police after discovering the camera. Read more...More about Crime, Airbnb, Florida, Video Voyeurism, and Culture...

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